The Princes of Persuasion


Ithai's Mom made this amazing mosaic of Linda the Ballerina. It captures nicely Linda's Cooking period. If you ever ate anything she made you're probably not reading this.


Rebeca's Beautiful drawing of whats about to happen..


We are very excited to invite you to our upcoming show "The Princes of Persuasion's Winter Picnic" on Wednesday December 21st at 92Y Tribeca NYC. Your ticket gives you one chilly thrill and an evening full of freezing memories. You'll literally want to freeze time so it will last forever! Plus there will be all new songs, dance moves and intense drama. Starring Destiny Mazursky, Ithai Benjamin, Domingo Santa Fanus, Linda the Ballerina plus special guests The Revengeaholics



Ithai and Enrique preparing to look sharp for their performace at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn on November 20th. Enrique, the newest member of the Princes of Persuasion is a fourth grader from the Bronx. He's never been to Brooklyn and is very excited to share a few songs he wrote about growing up unsupervised and recklessly wild. Ithai will be joining him on electronic keyboard and classical guitar.


The Princes of Persuasion are Europe. Article in Liberation.


Linda sent this picture of her with her foster family in Cameroon where she is currently taking dancing lessons to improve her ballet... she looks happy!

Dear Soul Mates,

Our show at the NYC Fringe Festival has ended. Thanks to eeeeeeeveryone who came to see us! Here is some press about our show:

Awesome review of the show on Theater is Easy | Broadway Doctor
An article about the Fringe and our show on Backstage

Just so that you know, the shows were a lot of fun, but also a lot of hard work. Linda and Domingo have both gone on vacations. At least that's what I think Linda is doing. She just disappeared after the last show. Domingo has a lady friend who works on a cruise boat, she can invite a guest for free, so he's at sea. I'm down in Miami Florida (my hometown) visiting family. Little Bo-tique started 4th grade in the Bronx, probably doing his homework, and Ithai is still in NYC, probably hanging out with his girlfriend.

But we scheduled to be back in NYC in October to shoot a video and rehearse for a brand new show. So stay tuned! Here is a picture of us waiting for the helicopter to pick us up right after the last show:


Destiny Mazursky & The P.O.P.

Dear Soul Mates,

Welcome to my corner. My band and I have come a long way since forming in the frosty New York City winter of 2008. We've had members come and go. Some of you might remember Jawar Bahati, our talented Indian baritone. His wife, the very annoying Jitra Bahati, thinking we were a bad influence on him, stood between us and Jawar finally decided to leave the band. We are still in touch but he will likely never sing again. And Evilyn Spinach, our soprano?? She went into a Hoboken tanning salon one afternoon and was never seen again.

Throughout our many hardships, our core musical group has remained intact and Domingo, Ithai and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our two newest members:

Linda the Ballerina and Little Bo-tique.

It's true that Linda is not entirely new to the band. She first appeared as a tumor on Jawar Bahati's head after he shampooed to much, resulting in advanced hair follicle activity. When Jawar left the band we asked him to leave Linda behind. On May 24th 2010, after a long surgical process, Linda was removed safetly from Jawar Bahati's head, given a body of her own.. and a star was born. 17 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, red ribbon, weighing 33 pounds, the one and only - Linda the Ballerina everybody.

Little Bo-tique is from the Bronx and related to Domingo. A most promising young lyricist for a 4th grader - dark brown eyes, brown shiny hair, shares my love of soda, 2 feet 4 inches, weighing 44 pounds, Little Bo-tique everybody

Now for some exciting news! We will be performing at the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival. It will be our longest and most adventurous show yet! We've been rehearsing many new songs. Check out the SHOWS page for more details. You can also join our Facebook page or sign up to our mailing list to receive the latest updates.. See you soon!

Tornado kiss,

Destiny Mazursky & The Princes of Persuasion

Lil' Bo-tique
Domingo Santa Fanus
Destiny Mazursky
Linda the Ballerina
Ithai Benjamin